Dropbox Beefs Up Pro Plans

Dropbox has recently increased their space again. If you recall, Google Drive had this same pricing a while back. Dropbox has now stepped up and matched their pricing at 1TB for $99 a year (or $9.99 a month) to sweeten the deal even more.

On top of that, they also added more features to the Pro plans. Shared links can now be password protected, and they can also expire. There also adding the popularly requested option of making shared folders read-only.

Not to mention, you can now remote wipe a computer’s Dropbox when you unlink it, adding even more security.

If you want to read more on the new plans, check out the official blog post.

Introducing a more powerful Dropbox Pro | The Dropbox Blog

Creating Your Very Own NAS Box!

I would like to thank Andy for allowing me to be an author! and here is my attempt to provide a blog for his site:

I love learning new things and as I am a computer it tech guy at my place of work, I am able to work on project and problems.  One of the project that I’ve always had but haven’t implemented is providing a backup server for our Window 7 machines at work.  Most of the computers that I deal with are Macs and they have Time Machines and we implement those but with Windows Machines, there wasn’t a clear backup plan.

Then I started to read about NAS, which means “Network Attached System”.  Its basically a file server and its been shown to be very easy to implement and use.  There are plenty of NAS Systems that you can buy and they are very good but I wanted to use some of our older PCs and use them.  Whats very nice, is that there is at least 2 opensource OS that can handle the NAS.  One of them is what I used and will share my experience.  Its called FreeNas.  You can find specific info at their website.

What’s neat about using FreeNas, is that you can use a USB Thumb or Flash drive to host the Program and that will save an Harddrive for Data usage.

Here’s what I had done.  I had an Dell Vostro 200, and I’ve found that it only had a working 512K RAM.  Now FreeNas recommends 8GB of RAM to use the best File format which is ZFS.  Some boggers and users will say, in some instances, 4GB of RAM will work.  Anyway, I ordered the RAM Sticks that I needed but instead of waiting for them to arrive, I decided to go ahead with setting it up.  I burned the img file to the Flash drive and then rearrange the new Harddrives that I wanted to use.  I used 2 1TB HD and got them installed.  Then I set the BOIS to boot off the USB drive and it booted up great.  It provided a IP to log into setup, I typed the IP onto a browser on a different computer and I was able to set it up

Now, FreeNas is mostly simple to setup but there were hiccups, it primarily was permissions that I got stuck on.  But once you figure that permissions need to be set on the HD to inherit permissions, it was a breeze from there.

First you create users, then you setup the Storage (HD).  Then what you need to setup is the services that you will use.  What is neat about FreeNas, is that it has tons of features.  You can setup for AFP (for Macs) and CIF (for Windows).

I am still experimenting the other features .  Since my goal is to provide a windows backup plan, I found a Video that provides instructions on how to do that with FreeNas.  Its quite informative.  Check out this Video

I was able to use this backup plan on my first Win7 machine and it did it successfully and without an hiccup even tho my NAS box was running on 512K RAM!.  Now since then, I did receive my new RAM and I did install them and now has 8GB RAM.  I now implemented this NAS on 5 different Win7 machines and am loving it.

Google Drive New Pricing Plans

Google Drive Sweetens Pricing

Google Drive has finally made its pricing cheaper, at $9.99 a month for 1 TB of storage. That’s pretty impressive, and a pretty awesome deal. Don’t get me wrong, I still despise Google Drive for certain things that they refuse to fix, as mentioned in this article, but for those that love and use the service, or to newer users looking to pay, it’s a great selling point.


100GB is now $1.99 per month, down from $4.99.
1TB is now $9.99 down from $49.99 – That’s the same monthly price as Dropbox for 100GB (though Dropbox wins over Google Drive hands down)!
There’s also a 10+ TB option for as little as $99.99!

For as many problems as Google Drive can encounter, this pricing is great!

Save More with Google Drive | Google Drive Blog

Forum Extender+ Takes Messaging to the Next Level

The messaging script was recently updated to add more features to messaging. There is now three new things.

Compose Form

Now, composing a message from the interface doesn’t require opening the reply form. There is now a specific button for creating new messages.

Invalid Recipient Detection

Since the recipient is recorded in the form of a forum ID, there is now a system in place that catches empty recipient fields, or if there are characters in the recipient field that are not numbers. This avoids sending messages to users that don’t exist.

Address Book

For those users who are popular on the forums, such as Super Users and regulars, there is an address book to avoid having to look up forum IDs every time. This address book only contains known users of the script, so if you’re a Super User or forum regular, use the script and aren’t in this address book, please message me (ID 1618104), and I can add you to the list.

Forum Extender+ Gains Messaging

I’ve gotten the new Forum Extender+ script to add messaging to the forums. This relies on a database to store messages in, so it of course means that the script is no longer self contained within that one file. This does, however, mean that most thins pertaining to messaging can be updated without the need to push a new script version to GitHub, so that you don’t have to wait for n update to the scrip to get new features for messaging.


the script is plenty secure for nwill requiring a POST  method in the form submissions, meaning you can’t just load a page with variables on the end of the URL. This is just the early days of messaging, so security will be improved greatly over the coming weeks.


The script also allows for HTML markup to be embedded into messages, allowing for links and images, among other things. This allows for some pretty neat effects.

Reporting and Blacklisting

In the event that someone misuses the system to embed rogue links or other things, I will be adding a reporting system so that you can report a user to be blacklisted for markup in the near future. If you end up blacklisted, you will be unable to use HTML markup, and your message page may have some interesting effects applied to it that may make it a bit difficult to work with. That in mind, don’t abuse the markup system, and it’ll make for a great experience for yourself as well as others.

Dropbox Wiki Now Co – Managed

If you use Dropbox, you’ve probably heard of the Unnofical Dropbox Wiki. I’m proud to announce that I now co-manage the site with fellow Super User Raymond Ma. He’s gotta have a lot of recognition here. I’ve been told that the site now gets 1,800 visitors per day.

I’ve been given full permissions, so if you visit the site, I’ll probably be answering support tickets, and writing up stuff for the site quite frequently. I’ll still be around the forums as well, so if you have a question that’s not already answered on the wiki or the forums, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What is Dropbox Wiki? via The Unofficial Dropbox Wiki

Dropbox Forum Extender+ Official Release

Well, it’s here. The Extender+ script I’ve been working on that has merged with Richard’s Forum Extender is finally here. The code is fully functional, and updated. Now, rather than having two scripts, you can just have one that does everything. The new script now goes by a new, unified name – Forum Extender+. It no longer handles only Super User icons like it did all those months ago, and is finally something that can serve some purpose around the forums besides just aesthetics.


  • Post quoting
  • Post markup links (lists, links, bold and italic text, etc.)
  • Super User and forum regular post highlighting
  • Automatic frontpage and sticky reloads
  • Automatic sticky updates
  • Super User icons
  • Frontpage thread highlighting
  • Preferences
  • Super User icons
  • Post text snippets
  • Per-thread post drafting
  • Super User (and Ryan M.) last active times
  • Dropbox API integration (your preferences and drafts sync to all linked installations of the script)


In order to install the new script, to avoid duplicate instances of things running, you will have to disable or remove the old version of Richard’s script, as well as remove the old version of forum-mod-icons.


The new version of the script can be downloaded from the GitHub repo here.


Thanks first of all to Nathan C, Chris J, and R.M. of the Super User team for helping beta test and work out kinks, as well as provide me with ideas.

Big thanks also to Richard P, without whom, the script would not be called Extender+. His code makes up roughly a third of the script and makes it what it is today.

Big thanks once again to all of you who have helped work on and test the script. Thanks also to the forum community. I create things like this especially for the community, and I’m proud to see that you guys are using my script. Seeing that makes all of my effort worthwhile.