Dropbox Wizard No Longer Working for Dropbox

It appears that R.M. (aka the Dropbox Wizard, Dropbox Fairy, or Saint R.M.) has left Dropbox. According to several moderators on the forums (one of which mentioned that R.M. had told him what was happening), R.M. had previously gotten a summer internship at Dropbox. Before this, he was just a moderator on the forums, and he recently had gotten this internship at Dropbox. R.M. had only actually worked there for a short time, but throughout this summer, he’d been on the forums on a daily basis, and had answered so many questions and fixed so many problems, he became one of the most popular employees on the forums, despite being only temporary.

At one point, a couple of users on the forums had posted threads asking if they could get a space round up, whereby they wanted their decimal space quotas, typically ending in .85GB (we can thank , rounded up to a full gig. R.M. came through and said that they could, granting their wishes. Since then, that topic became popular, and there are now 5 or 6 threads on the forums active within this past month that request the same thing. R.M. pulled through for them there as well, and granted every single voice the round-up that they requested. He’s even gone so far as to grant me an extra 10GB to answer my prayers for a “feature request” that already existed. He’s has since been dubbed as both the Dropbox Fairy and Dropbox Wizard, and recently, Saint R.M. has sprung up as well.

After a good two-and-a-half month run as an employee at Dropbox, his internship has ended. It’s been a sad last couple of days at the forums, but we’re all hoping that he’ll come back in the near future.

We’ll miss you R.M, and we hope to see you back soon.