New Moderator on the Dropbox Forums

I’m proud to announce that around Thanksgiving time here in the US, Dropbox‘s forum moderator team became 12-strong. This new moderator happens to be me, and I can’t thank the team enough.

I did some investigating, and found that Arash Ferdowski (one of the co-founders, for those who aren’t familiar with the service) was the one who granted me this legendary status. I’ve talked with him since, and have thanked him numerous times for this. T. Hightower, another fellow mod, pointed out in this forum thread that it’s an honor to not only be granted moderator status, but to be acknowledged by one of the co-founders for activity on the forums, to which I definitely agree to.

I will definitely continue to be active on the forums, and help as many users as I can, and I’ll gladly be a Dropbox user for life. Arash, I have to thank you greatly once again for this honor. You and Drew came up with the best cloud syncing service out there, and I’m happy to be part of the moderator team. Also, congrats on hiring Guido! I see many more exciting stuff for Dropbox to come ahead.

Congratulations, and thanks again, guys!