You Might Be A Dropbox Addict If . . .

Credit to Wes P. of the Dropbox forums for coming up with this idea.

  • You spend more than 1 hour per day staring at the Dropbox Forum front page, F5ing.
  • Dropquest is an annual Holiday in your home.
  • You have Dropbox for your kids who are in Preschool, and for your pets (11 huskies?).
  • You have beta versions installed and/or broken within 30 minutes of release.
  • You start to twitch when you hear free users complaining about prices/quotas/etc.
  • You are jealous whenever you see pictures of Dropbox staff wearing Dropbox T-shirts.
  • You’ve considered moving to San Francisco in order to work at Dropbox.
  • You spend the afternoon F5ing the share page every time you invite someone to a shared folder.
  • You know every mod and employee on the forums by name.
  • You get upset because no one has invented Dropbox logo wall decals yet.
  • You have an entire Firefox tab group dedicated to Dropbox.
  • You’ve tried “In 1987, you quietly took something from the house of a dying woman. You thought nobody knew. You were wrong.” on the coupon code page.
  • You follow the Dropboxers and mods around on the forums and use the posts they make on threads as an ever-growing knowledge base of sorts.
  • You know that R.M. is the supreme ruler and guardian of all that he sees and everything he touches turns to gold if he so pleases! He is the master of Chuck Norris and is the awesomist of all awesome. He’s also king…All hail the King!

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