New Team Member: Raymond Ma

After a while of the “crew” here being a solo operation, we’re excited to finally introduce a brand-new member to the TechGeek01 team – Raymond Ma! Raymond here (or, as you may know him, R.M.) is a fellow Dropbox forum moderator just like myself. The both of us have a passion for Dropbox, and we love hanging around the forums and answering questions.

Raymond is currently a student at University of California, Berkeley, and similarly to me, he’s been working with computers most of his life. When he’s not busy with college, he’s usually shooting archery, camping, helping others, watching movies, or enjoying sunny California.

In addition to being a Dropbox forum moderator, he also interned there during the summer of 2012 and helped around on the forums often. There’ he gained numerous nicknames, the most popular being the “Dropbox Wizard”, “Dropbox Fairy”, and “Saint R.M.”

Yes, Raymond will be a valuable addition to the team, and you may be seeing some articles from him in the near future. Welcome to the team!

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