Increase Your Dropbox Space Without Having to Go Pro

Let me start off by saying that this article will be very similar to Lifehacker’s “Cheapskates Guide to Getting Free Dropbox Space.” Of course, this, and many other articles on the subject, are outdated, because they were written so long ago.

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that we’re Dropbox fanatics, and can’t ever get enough free space. As most people don’t know, there are a lot of hidden goodies to earn more space.

Complete the Getting Started page

Over at Dropbox’s Getting Started page (technically, it’s a tab), you can complete a little list of tasks to earn an additional 250MB of space. It’s just a list of simple things, like adding files, referring friends, or linking to another computer.

Send Out Your Referral Link

Even with all of the other methods to gain more space, the referral system is by far the most rewarding, offering a whopping 500MB per user that signed up with your link for up to 32 users, and an additional 16GB! That’s a lot of space.

Post Your Referral Link on Facebook or Twitter

Provided you have the right audience (the less tech-savvy, the better), you can use the built-in tools to post your referral link to one of these networks, and it can prove quite an effective way to increase your space.

Import Photos Using the Camera Uploads Feature

The Camera Uploads feature, introduced a while back, allows you to automatically import photos and videos from removable media into the Camera Uploads folder in your Dropbox. If you use this feature, you earn 500MB of space for the first successful upload, and an additional 500MB for each 500MB of photos and videos up to an additional 2.5GB, for a total of 3GB of extra space. However, if you were lucky enough to catch this when it was in beta a while back, it gets even better, because then, you can get the bonus for 4.5GB of files, for a total of 5GB!

Complete Dropquest

Every year, Dropquest has Hack Week, a week dedicated to doing whatever you feel like doing. As a result, Dropquest, a yearly scavenger hunt for space, was born. The hunt is always announced over on the Dropbox Blog, and you earn bits of space along the way. If you finish as one of the top contestants, however, you can earn even more cool stuff.

Keep Your Eye Out for Other Events and Contests

Occasionally, there are other things that you can do to earn more space. The Camera Uploads feature was one (though only when it was in beta. Now, anyone can do it for space, so it’s more of a regular thing), and they also recently worked with the Space Race, where you could submit your .EDU email, and earn space for your school.

As said, there are other contests on the occasion, but no one can really predict when, or what, they will be, so the only thing to do is to keep your eyes peeled for these types of things.

Use Coupon Codes

Coupon codes come in 5, 10, and 50GB flavors, and they’re one of the lesser-known methods of gaining space. These codes are exactly what they sound like – coupons for more space. Each of the 3 sizes can only be redeemed once per account (via the coupon code page), meaning you can’t redeem, say, 5 or 10 50GB codes. The codes themselves are hard to find, if at all, as they are rarely given out by the Dropbox team. However, keep in mind that they can only be used once, so if you see one given out on the forums, scoop it up as quick as you can, it may be gone in a few minutes.