Showcasing the theme capabilities of the script

Dropbox Forum Extender Greasemonkey Script

Most of you out there use, or at least heard of, Dropbox. You know, the most awesome cloud storage service out there? Well, their forums can be a crazy place, but also a great way to get and share information, if you know how to read it.

As one of 12 forum Super Users, I manage a GitHub organization for us, and all of the Dropbox-related projects we work on. One of the scripts I write was originally called forum-mod-icons. I started the project a while back, and it used to be just a little joke. It used to serve the sole purpose of giving Super Users their own icons (this one, to be exact).

That functionality has been maintained, but over time, the script has evolved, a lot. The newest nightly version of the script offers a settings menu, themes, post snippets, post count-based front page thread highlighting, and much, much more (huge thanks to Richard P. and his forum extender script for the idea). Whether you’re frequently on the forums, or very rarely stop by, I’d love it if you’d try out the script at its GitHub repo. Also, if you’re interested, and know a bit of JavaScript, feel free to fork it and add some stuff, or, if programming isn’t your thing, but you have an idea for something you think should be added, let me know!