Google Drive – Nerd Rage

If you’ve been here a while, you know we’re fans of cloud storage (particularly Dropbox). Most of you have probably heard of Google Drive. It get’s the job done, but in our opinion, it’s sub-par, and here’s why.

Slow and Bloated

The program runs just fine, but the method it uses to index the files was clumsily written, and causes the sync process to be unnecessarily slow, sometimes taking days to sync small amounts of files, since there’s no way to check for blocks of files.

Must Link to Empty Folder

Every time you link the client, you have to link it to an empty folder. The client actually won’t let you link it to a folder with files in it. That means that if you have 20GB worth of files, and you have to unlink and relink, you have to download that same 20GB again.
Furthermore, it will ignore any attempts to recognize a copy of a file that you’ve added as already downloaded. Yep, that’s right. That 2GB Linux distro you downloaded, and don’t want to do again, you can’t just put it in the folder after you link the client. If the file still needs to be downloaded, it will do so, and attempt to use your local copy of the file as a second instance of the file with the same name.

Hinders File Copying

Copying a group of files that should take around a minute can take hours to copy with the client running. Closing the client finishes the copy almost instantly.

No LAN Sync

Dropbox, our sync service of choice, offers something called LAN sync, where files that have already synced to the server on another computer, will update over LAN as opposed to using your interner connection. Drive doesn’t offer any of this.

To sum up, Google Drive, while it gets the job done, is bloated, and poorly written. If you’re given a choice, use anything but Drive.