New Ownership of Dropbox Forum Extender

Those of you that use Dropbox may have been on the forums from time to time. if you’re there regularly, you probably use Richard P’s famed Forum Extender script. I’m proud to announce that the old Forum Mod Icons script will be merging into that to form Forum Extender+! In addition, Richard has decided to pass of ownership of the code to me.

Richard was using an older version of jQuery, however, so I am required to rewrite most of his code to work with the newer jQuery version. I’m almost finished, though there are stil some bugs in the updated version.

I’m working on fixing these last few bugs before I finalize the merge of the two scripts. The merged version can be found in the GitHub┬árepo (I think it’s pretty self explanatory of which file contains the updated version).

A couple of things to note when updating:

  • While the merged version is being written, it will only update to itself, separate from other script versions.
  • Richard said he’d help with merging the scripts and finalizing things, so when I’m done, I plan to see if he’ll get Safari and Chrome extensions for me, but there aren’t any yet.