Dropbox Forum Extender+ Official Release

Well, it’s here. The Extender+ script I’ve been working on that has merged with Richard’s Forum Extender is finally here. The code is fully functional, and updated. Now, rather than having two scripts, you can just have one that does everything. The new script now goes by a new, unified name – Forum Extender+. It no longer handles only Super User icons like it did all those months ago, and is finally something that can serve some purpose around the forums besides just aesthetics.


  • Post quoting
  • Post markup links (lists, links, bold and italic text, etc.)
  • Super User and forum regular post highlighting
  • Automatic frontpage and sticky reloads
  • Automatic sticky updates
  • Super User icons
  • Frontpage thread highlighting
  • Preferences
  • Super User icons
  • Post text snippets
  • Per-thread post drafting
  • Super User (and Ryan M.) last active times
  • Dropbox API integration (your preferences and drafts sync to all linked installations of the script)


In order to install the new script, to avoid duplicate instances of things running, you will have to disable or remove the old version of Richard’s script, as well as remove the old version of forum-mod-icons.


The new version of the script can be downloaded from the GitHub repo here.


Thanks first of all to Nathan C, Chris J, and R.M. of the Super User team for helping beta test and work out kinks, as well as provide me with ideas.

Big thanks also to Richard P, without whom, the script would not be called Extender+. His code makes up roughly a third of the script and makes it what it is today.

Big thanks once again to all of you who have helped work on and test the script. Thanks also to the forum community. I create things like this especially for the community, and I’m proud to see that you guys are using my script. Seeing that makes all of my effort worthwhile.