Forum Extender+ Gains Messaging

I’ve gotten the new Forum Extender+ script to add messaging to the forums. This relies on a database to store messages in, so it of course means that the script is no longer self contained within that one file. This does, however, mean that most thins pertaining to messaging can be updated without the need to push a new script version to GitHub, so that you don’t have to wait for n update to the scrip to get new features for messaging.


the script is plenty secure for nwill requiring a POST ┬ámethod in the form submissions, meaning you can’t just load a page with variables on the end of the URL. This is just the early days of messaging, so security will be improved greatly over the coming weeks.


The script also allows for HTML markup to be embedded into messages, allowing for links and images, among other things. This allows for some pretty neat effects.

Reporting and Blacklisting

In the event that someone misuses the system to embed rogue links or other things, I will be adding a reporting system so that you can report a user to be blacklisted for markup in the near future. If you end up blacklisted, you will be unable to use HTML markup, and your message page may have some interesting effects applied to it that may make it a bit difficult to work with. That in mind, don’t abuse the markup system, and it’ll make for a great experience for yourself as well as others.