Forum Extender+ Takes Messaging to the Next Level

The Dropbox Forum Extender+ messaging script was recently updated to add more features to messaging. There is now three new things.

Compose Form

Now, composing a message from the interface doesn’t require opening the reply form. There is now a specific button for creating new messages.

Invalid Recipient Detection

Since the recipient is recorded in the form of a forum ID, there is now a system in place that catches empty recipient fields, or if there are characters in the recipient field that are not numbers. This avoids sending messages to users that don’t exist.

Address Book

For those users who are popular on the forums, such as Super Users and regulars, there is an address book to avoid having to look up forum IDs every time. This address book only contains known users of the script, so if you’re a Super User or forum regular, use the script and aren’t in this address book, please message me (ID 1618104), and I can add you to the list.