Welcoming New Dropbox Super Users

Recently, the Dropbox forum Super User team has grown a bit, and I’d like to give a proper welcome!

First off, I’d like to welcome Rich Reynolds. Rich has been a member of the community and frequent visitor of the forums for more than three years, and has provided many users with the help they need since then.

In addition, Richard Price has also joined the team. Richard is the one and only developer of the original Forum Extender userscript, and the man that inspired me to write my own version. He has not only helped around the community for a number of years, but the userscript has allowed a fair amount of people to have a much better experience on the forums!

Robert S. has joined the Super User team as well, bringing his knowledge with him. Robert has been around the forums for quite some time now, and has recently been helping a lot of people with his vast knowledge.

Secondly, I’d also like to personally welcome three new Dropboxers to the group: Ed G, Laureline B, and Nabil M.

Ed has been hanging around with us for quite some time now, and has been very helpful in welcoming all of us to the new forums, and getting us acquainted. Laureline and Nabil are both fairly new to the group compared to Ed, but all three of them have been equally helpful to both us as Super Users, and to the community in general.

A big warm welcome to the new blood, and thanks again to all of the Dropboxers involved with allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful community!

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    1. Andy Post author

      I’ve been in and out of the forums a lot, I know, but just to give a heads up, I’ve been juggling a lot around these last couple of months and should be able to return to my regular lurking very soon.

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