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Hey there! Avid Dropbox user by day, programmer by night, I love anything tech.

Migration to WordPress

Well, the day has finally come. We’ve archived the old website (yes, I know it’s broken, I’ll fix that later – it’s not as important as the new site), and the new site is moved to the root directory. We’ve fought long and hard to get here (not really, after all, WordPress has a famous 5-minute install), and this is the new face of a much more productive, and informative, interface.

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New Team Member: Raymond Ma

After a while of the “crew” here being a solo operation, we’re excited to finally introduce a brand-new member to the TechGeek01 team – Raymond Ma! Raymond here (or, as you may know him, R.M.) is a fellow Dropbox forum moderator just like myself. The both of us have a passion for Dropbox, and we love hanging around the forums and answering questions.

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Sync Your Dropbox Installations Through Dropbox

Given the circumstances, it is theoretically possible to sync Dropbox’s installation files through Dropbox itself to sync the same version of the app to multiple devices. This would theoretically allow you to update the app on one computer, and have the install files sync to other versions of Dropbox.
Please note that this is theoretical, and has not been tested on any computers. Do this at your own risk.

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