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Dropbox Forum Extender+ Official Release

Well, it’s here. The Extender+ script I’ve been working on that has merged with Richard’s Forum Extender is finally here. The code is fully functional, and updated. Now, rather than having two scripts, you can just have one that does everything. The new script now goes by a new, unified name – Forum Extender+. It no longer handles only Super User icons like it did all those months ago, and is finally something that can serve some purpose around the forums besides just aesthetics.

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Migration to WordPress

Well, the day has finally come. We’ve archived the old website (yes, I know it’s broken, I’ll fix that later – it’s not as important as the new site), and the new site is moved to the root directory. We’ve fought long and hard to get here (not really, after all, WordPress has a famous 5-minute install), and this is the new face of a much more productive, and informative, interface.

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